About this Project…

Wanna see an INTERESTING-TV BILLBOARD on some major FREEWAY / HIGHWAY with 100,000’s of views / eyeballs?



I was thinking… placing some from here to Vegas or the way back too… something like that…

and / or in Los Angeles / or San Diego… some place with lots of eyes on it.


How Much?

Billboards are pretty expensive

here’s some research on Billboards:

Total: $0 of $4,000 (0% of FUNDING RAISED)



Interesting-TV’s Donating Terms of Service:

*Note that these projects are sort of fantasy projects that I for sure want to see get done, but to be super clear: if we don’t reach our goal or some stupid shit happens, who knows… I might have to move funds around or whatever… All these donations are basic donations to me so I can keep making this podcast, etc…. If we donate fast enough, we can see these come to fruition… which would be siiick as fuck.

only donate what you can… no refunds haha. sowwy.  seriously… NO REFUNDS. ain’t nobody got time for that. Once you donate It’s spent… I love you. Don’t be mad. Thank you for the gift…  Keep donating… it’s fun. you’re the shit. let’s do this! I’ll hook it up with goodtimes, secret shit, exclusive content… stories… VR adventures… IRL shit… whatever… … everything else on TV and the Movies sucks now adays… so hook it up… invest in the show… buy some merch… SUBSCRIBE, donate towards one of these goals… who knows… some of these goals may come true! LET’S FUCKIN GOOO!!!!