it was just the common cold/ flu… they re-labeled it the new word COVID-19.

They own the media propaganda talking heads. You have been lied to.

I know… it sucks… but don’t be so gullible next time.

Here’s the simplest explanation of what happened:

Big Pharma / Phizer / WEF / Bill Gates (Super Mega Rich Evil Group who’s low-key religion is down with abortion/ population reduction, world control/ power, etc…)


They (this group :WEF, Bill Gates, etc…) bought out the right people (Fauci, head of WHO guy, Truedau, etc…)


they ran drills / rehearsals (and ran lots of think tanks)

EVENT 201:


campaign to label the truth as “MISINFORMATION” (Social Media purge of truth tellers)

Lockdowns / Money Transfer of wealth (promoted by companies that want you inside (Apple, Netflix, Amazon, etc…)

Endless propaganda (Hugh Media buys in the billions) on Radio / TV News / TV Shows / FaceBook / Twitter, etc…

they steal the election /// 2 years later… people start to slowly wake up..

lives / families / businesses ruined…

the Scammers are rich as fuck… our money is inflated // gas thru the roof… food prices EXPENSIVE

Media is now 100% gay and attacking white men who are straight… wtf

Masks don’t work/ never did/ never will: